Tuesday, 12 June 2007

With Thanks

As I think back over the experiences of the past few weeks, I do so with a sense of profound gratitude. To live in a day and age where this sort of travel is possible is a great privilege, one I do not take lightly. And to be able to travel in the company of interesting, enthusiastic friends who share our passion for labyrinths is quite amazing. I honour the connections that are made and strengthened as walk our varied paths....

A special thanks to Lisa Moriarty who shared her photographs with me, some of which I used here. I am a dreamer, not a photographer, at heart. While others have the ability to use a camera capture their connections with time and place, I struggle. My best memories are, perhaps, more energetic than visual. So I am especially grateful for those who have both the eye for a good photograph and the presence of mind to press the shutter!

I have gone back through my earlier posts and added appropriate pictures, so even if you read them as they were posted, you might want to go back now to see the images.

A slideshow of our Paris experiences can be seen here: SpringtimeInParis

I will continue my blogging on my regular site, though it has been sadly neglected of late. The link to that site is www.ariadnesthread.wordpress.com. Our travel dates are posted there, and I will do my best to keep in touch through this blog while we are on the road.

In closing I want to share a last image of what might have been one of my best labyrinth walks of this trip. There was a very organic, labyrinth-like pathway on the beach at Folhammer. The path spiralled around in a marvelously fun free-form way, but eventually lead to the goal. Now, we can say all we like about a classical or medieval labyrinth representing the journey of life, but this wibbly-wobbly path was certainly more representative of MY life!




Sig said...

Just wanted y9u to know that I have enjoyed reading this blog of your Swedish trip. I especially have enjoyed your photos in addition to your thoughts.

It sounds like you are now back in Blighty, so welcome home!



Lea said...

Thank you for taking us along... and welcome home!