Thursday, 10 May 2007

On the Road...

My new camera phone lets me publish directly to my blog, so I'm planning to use this site as a way of keeping in touch with family and friends while we're away from home. Our visits to interesting places are definitely highlights in our lives, but until now, those highlights couldn't be shared until long after we returned home -- and by then, it always seems like time has moved on, so few of you ever hear our tales.

We have a full travel schedule this year -- mostly revolving around our tours, lectures, research trips, and labyrinth installations. But woven into our work are our heart-connections to friends, our love for sacred sites and our enjoyment of the natural world. If I'm relying on my phone, my posts will be limited to a few words along with a favourite picture or two, but when we have internet connection, I can write longer messages.

1 comment:

Lea said...

OK... next time we are together... you have to teach me how to do this!

This is just great Kimberly, and will be fun to travel with you in this way!