Friday, 25 May 2007


I'm in love with Paris! We spent a lovely 2 days exploring, shopping, and eating. Jeff's presentation at the Louvre was fantastic; we were well cared for and came away with new friends and full hearts!
The above picture is of the the big panel from the Unicorn tapestries at the Cluny. The room was dark and the picture poor, but you get the idea.... Seeing those tapestries has been a quest for me, so visiting the Cluny was the main reason for going to Paris a day early. But as long as we were there, we visited Saint Chappelle (best known to us in the Labyrinth World as the inspiration for the lovely chapel at Itchenstoke, England). After so many visits to Itchenstoke over the years, it was nice to see the real thing. Only problem was too many tourists, but with Paris, I guess it is ever thus!
After lunch along the Seine, Lisa (Lisa Moriarty, our friend from Minnesota) and I went on to visit the Tuileries (where we sipped wine and watched the boys sailing their boats in the fountain), the Orangerie (with Monet's famous waterlilies), and shopped a bit along the Rue Rivoli.
Dinner was at a fabulous little restaurant we happened on to -- so good we went back the next night as well.

For a quick look at our Paris visit, click the link below to our online album -- it is best viewed by the slideshow option:
Springtime in Paris

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Lea said...

Ohhhh green does NOT even begin to describe... I LOVE seeing this picture of the tapestry. I can't wait to get there myself! So glad Jeff's talk went well, as I knew it would. Thanks for taking us along on an afternoon in my favorite city, Paris...